ePALs for the 2017-2018 academic year 

What can an ePAL help me with?

ePALs are engineering or computer science students just like you. They have taken most of the classes that you are currently enrolled in. While they are not tutors, they can help you locate the appropriate resources to help you succeed in your classes if you are struggling. Many of the ePALs may have changed majors or questioned if they should stick with engineering or not, especially after a difficult exam.

They have experience wrestling with difficult course schedules, balancing activities and working while in school and can suggest strategies that may help you with time management and persistence in classes that are challenging. ePALs have also enriched their experiences at MSU through community involvement, undergraduate research, study abroad and internships or co-ops and can have ideas or tips about ways you can complement your studies with extracurricular activities.

Do I choose an ePAL, or am I assigned to one?

All freshman and sophomore engineering students are matched with an ePAL who is the same major. This ePAL will reach out to you during the semester via email and visits to some of your classes. You are also welcome to contact any of the other ePALs on the ePAL website, particularly if you feel their personal experience, major, or activities resonates with you.

How do I request assistance from an ePAL?

The ePALs are all just an email away. A reply to one of their emails, or a direct email via the ePALs website will get the conversation going. Also, all of the ePALs have office hours in the ePAL room on the third floor landing between the Barnard Hall (formerly the EPS building) and Cobleigh Hall.

Do I have to pay for an ePAL’s help?

The ePALs program is free to all freshman and sophomore students!

How is the ePAL program different from Smarty Cats Tutoring?

While the ePALs have probably taken most of the classes you are currently enrolled in, they aren’t necessarily actively tutoring students in those classes so they won’t be as up to date as a tutor, who follows class assignments more closely – to get help fast with a specific academic topic see a Smarty Cat.