Cobleigh 625 is the main student computer lab for students in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. The lab has 23 Dell Precision T1700 computers with DVD+/-RW, a HP4200 duplex printer and a HP CP3525 color printer. Computer 14 has an Epson scanner attached. The following is a list of software installed.

Software Software Description
Adobe Acrobat DC  
Advanced Design Systems (ADS) 2016.02 Electronic Design (EDA) Software
Altera 17 (Quartus/NiosII, DSP Builder, Modelsim)  
Ansys 18p1 Simulation software designed to optimize product development
Bitvise SSH Client  
Codewarrior HC08 HC12
Comsol 5.3  
DPSFirst V1.56 toolbox in Matlab
Eagle Layout Editor 8.2.2 Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor
Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers  
Inkscape 0.92.2  
Maple 2017  
Mathcad 15 M045 Prime Mathematics software
Mathematica V11 P1  
Matlab R2017a Mathematics software
Mentor Pads VX.1.2; Modelsim SE 10.1c Integrated layout and simulation for PCB Design
Microsoft Office 2016  
Microsoft Project 2016 Project Management software
Microsoft Visio 2016 Technical Diagramming Program
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 C++ compilers
Orcad Lite 17.2 - 2016 Cadence  
PaperCut Client Printer accounting software
PentaLogix View Mate 11.12 Gerber viewer
Power World Simulator 18 w/ help files  
SigmaPlot 13  
Solidworks 2017  
Tanner EDA Suite v2016.1  
VLC Media Player  

Please direct questions to Allison Banfield

Updated 8/2017