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Five COE Senior Women Win MSU 2011 Student of Achievement Award

Loribeth Evertz is from Joliet, Mont., and will graduate in December with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. Loribeth has worked with the "Leader for Research Outreach Program," designed to engage middle school and high school students in science, has participated as a volunteer with the Society of Women Engineers, has served as a volunteer coordinator for Engineers Without Borders, as a volunteer for Eagle Mount, and as a member of the Resurrection Catholic Campus
Ministry. Her interest in the workings and challenges of problems leading her toward engineering developed from experiences she had growing up in rural Montana, and Loribeth is currently researching how fluid dynamics can affect blood flow. Through her studies, she has realized an ideal career for her will be as a professor to open students' eyes to the opportunities in research and to help them to experience the wonder and excitement of science.

Hilary Fabich is from Livingston, Mont., and will graduate in December with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Hilary has been involved with Engineers Without Borders, and spent four weeks living with a family in Kenya surveying the land and encouraging the community to participate in building a pipeline for clean water for the village. She also worked as a fundraiser for EWB coordinating the annual Recycled Fashion Show and Jubilee as well as giving presentations on their work and projects. Hilary volunteers with Tau Beta Pi on their MSU Science Saturdays and Outreach Presentations for middle school and high school Native American girls. She is also a member of the MSU Orchestra, the Engineering Ambassadors, and the American Institute for Chemical Engineers. Through research, collaboration, and travel, Hilary has gained interest in communicating across cultural barriers. Upon graduation she plans to attend graduate school and study for a Ph.D.

Chandra Macauley is from Billings, Mont., and will graduate in May with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Chandra's extra-curricular activities include the Society of Women Engineers where she was very active as Activities Coordinator, Assistant President and Vice President; Engineering Ambassadors; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Tau Beta Pi (recycling committee); and coordinating the ASMSU Sustainability Center luncheons. Upon graduation, Chandra plans to travel the world, earn a doctorate degree in Materials Science and Engineering, and work toward promoting diversity within engineering while coordinating with an interdisciplinary team to develop materials for more efficient alternative energy conversion systems. Throughout her time at MSU, Chandra has participated in nearly every Engineerathon, Badge Day, Shadow Program, and Science Olympiad. While getting her doctorate she will continue fostering her passion for materials science and sustainable energy while planning outreach events to interest young people, especially girls, in engineering.

Laura Moran is from Hamilton, Mont., and will graduate in May with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Laura is currently a volunteer with Eagle Mount, a Child Advancement Project (CAP) mentor at Irving Elementary School, and when her schedule allows it, she volunteers for engineering promotional activities for the Society of Women in Engineering and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Laura is the President of the Queer-Straight Alliance on campus, a member of PFLAG, and a member of the Sustained Dialogue Group on campus. Laura has developed a passion for renewable energy through internships and independent course work with faculty mentors at MSU. She is committed to living a life that promotes not only equality, but appreciation for all people, regardless of religion, physical impairments, sexual
orientation, or cultural identity. Laura notes, "I will never stop fighting for the rights and representation of those who are marginalized and disrespected."

Mina Nejadamin is from Istanbul, Turkey, and will graduate in May with a Bioengineering Dual Degree. Mina is involved in many activities including the Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey, the Global Culture Club, the Bioengineering Club, and the Biotechnology Club. Mina feels that being Turkish in America brings some special responsibilities, such as being a good representative of her home country, helping other international students (since many face the same issues studying in the U.S.), and educating people about Turkey. Mina participated in the International Street Food Bazaar in 2009 with the Turkish student group, and their booth received first prize. Mina helps prepare programs for International Education Week with the Office of International Programs, and because of her leadership in closing the bridge
between the United States and Turkey for students with dual degrees, Mina was selected by her Department Chair and Assistant Dean as an Engineering Ambassador. Mina has decided to get her master's degree in Biomedical Engineering so that she may effectively help people in treating diseases.