Meet College of Engineering students

Engineering students in the College of Engineering at Montana State University describe what inspired them to pursue an engineering degree and how MSU has helped them find ways to help people and to answer their questions.

Chemical & Biological Engineering

Students in Chemical and Biological Engineering at Montana State University talk about what makes MSU unique. Hear about their plans for the future and how they anticipate that chemical engineers will improve people's lives, especially through medical and environmental applications.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering students at Montana State University talk about their plans to help people.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Students in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Montana State University talk about the rewards of working with professors who bring real-world problems to classwork. Hear their stories about an underwater robot, lasers, and wireless controllers for paraplegic patients.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders at Montana State University is helping Kenyans provide clean drinking water and sanitation facilities to communities near primary schools in Khwisero province.

Women in STEM fields at Montana State University

Student Profile: Steven Davis, Chemical Engineering