Links on this page will take you to information about various aspects of teaching and learning. The page is under construction, and new links will be added regularly. If you are interested in adding information about a specific topic, please contact Carolyn Plumb

Teaching for Inclusion

On Tuesday, February 15, 2005, the College of Engineering sponsored a Teaching for Inclusion Workshop. Workshop presenters were Anne Russof, Associate Professor, Cell Biology & Neuroscience; Denbigh Starkey, Professor, Computer Science; and Carolyn Plumb, Director of Strategic Projects, College of Engineering. It was the first in a series of dicussions about teaching and learning.

Teaching for Diversity

MSU has a Teaching/Learning resources web site with good information. This short article discusses various learning styles and one MSU faculty member's thoughts about how to teach for these various styles.

The Center for Instructional Development at the University of Washington has a wealth of good information about teaching and learning.  This link will take you to their list of resources about inclusive teaching.

These links will take you to two chapters about teaching for inclusion from a teaching resource guide developed at the University of North Carolina.