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MSU students to be first from MSU
to compete in vehicle design competitions

The MSU student chapters of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineer’s (ASME) are gearing up to compete in vehicle design contests in 2006. The ASME team will compete in a national Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) competition in April in San Luis Obispo, Calif., and the SAE team will compete as Car #20 at the SAE West race in Fontana, Calif., in June 2006.

The ASME competition’s design component, sprint and 40-mile endurance races challenge students to design and build a sleek, lightweight vehicle. Professor Chris Jenkins, HPV project advisor, says, “National competitions like HPV allow MSU students to compete directly with students from other top engineering programs in the country. The benefits include better engineering graduates who have increased awareness of transportation alternatives.”

The SAE club is building on last year’s organizing and fundraising activities. The dozen or so active members have bought an engine, built a prototype frame and drafted preliminary designs. The Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department is providing students three capstone design/build projects related to SAE club activities. The students’ ability to design and fabricate car parts in their advanced composites course and the projects themselves are possible, thanks in part, to advisor Robb Larson, assistant professor, and Vic Cundy, professor.

Visit one of the Web sites to learn how you can get involved, directly or by providing funds to support the projects.

Read the feature story "MSU students learn lessons building bike" by Tracy Ellig, MSU News Service reporter, and see a picture of Fast Cat, the team's HPV.

The HPV team took part in the SAE West Coast competition in Fontana, Calif., held April 28-30, 2006. Click here for the results and a photo of team members lining up for the sprint.

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