At MSU, as well as on a national level, engineering education is more expensive to deliver than education in most other disciplines. Engineering education requires the development and maintenance of modern laboratories and current technology. This results in more square feet of facility per student, higher annual capital expenditures per students for equipment, and more support personnel in the labs. Students enrolled within the College of Engineering (COE) at Montana State University (MSU) in Bozeman will be charged a program-wide fee with the primary goals of:

  1. Helping ensure that College programs maintain quality instructional laboratories, technical infrastructure within the College, and the ability to conduct staff-intensive program assessment (required for professional accreditation).
  2. Helping meet the higher cost of engineering education by augmenting existing state Program Modification funds set aside for this purpose approximately 10 years ago which has diminished due to interim budget cuts and inflation.
  3. Helping to support and increase student access to advanced technology within each of the COE programs.
  4. Greatly increase the College's ability to leverage private support for our programs (i.e., matching funds).
  5. Provide support to student organizations.
  6. Enhance faculty development related to instruction.

Fee Structure

  • $91.20 per semester for Freshmen (flat rate)
  • $130.40 per semester for Sophomores through graduate level (flat rate)
  • $51.75 flat rate for summer session collected once (one or more sessions), any level of student.


All aspects of the fee implementation are designed to be fully accountable to students, faculty, and University administrators.

  • The COE web site contains a link to page where all projected budget items and expenditures will be summarized on an annual basis. Any interested party may examine this budget and provide comment to College administration at any time. The links to the summaries appear on this page on the "Related" tab in the upper right corner and are listed by their fiscal years (FY).