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Engineers Without Borders at MSU bring potable water to families and school children in Khwisero, Kenya. In the past four years, EWB-MSU has installed six deep water wells, five composting latrines, and one biogas latrine. In Dec. 2009, a group traveled to Khwisero to prepare for construction of a mile-long water distribution pipeline. If, during the early part of 2010, the community makes preparations for the pipeline, it might be laid in summer 2010. These plans represent a major step forward in terms of scale and complexity of installations in which EWB-MSU is involved.

More than 30 projects were on display at MSU's Fall 2009 Engineering Design Fair. During fall and spring semesters, undergraduates from throughout the College showcase their projects at a design fair. Students learn valuable lessons about working in teams on a complicated problem. The displays at the Fall 2009 Design Fair represented the work of more than 120 engineering students. Projects ranged from a computer system for NASA’s “Robotic Lunar Regolith Excavator” to an easy-to-use, accessible hand pump for water wells maintained by the U.S. Forest Service. One project, related to recycling empty or expired cans of bear spray, was featured in a story by MSU News Service. More...

A student shows an accessible hand pump that she and her team. A student shows an accessible hand pump that she and her team members designed for the U.S. Forest Service.