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PhD Program Research Areas in Applied Mechanics

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College-wide Program Requirements

The College of Engineering (COE) offers a Ph.D. in Engineering with options that include Applied Mechanics. The COE has general program requirements that apply to all students who pursue a Ph.D. in Engineering, regardless of which option they choose.

Program-specific Degree Requirements for the Applied Mechanics Option

Requirements include the following:

Course Number Course Name Credits
EM 525

Continuum Mechanics

3 credits
EM 510 Elastic and Inelastic Analysis 3 credits
EMEC 530 Advanced Fluid Mechanics 3 credits
EM 560 Finite Elements Analysis in Engineering 3 credits

The remaining credits are to be established by the student and the Major Professor in consultation with the graduate committee.

Qualifying Examination

The qualifying assessment will be a written examination on relevant undergraduate level topics. In the Applied Mechanics Option these areas include: Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Mathematics, Thermodynamics and an Area of Undergraduate Focus (e.g. Structures, Hydraulics, Geotechnology, Material Science, Heat Transfer) - as specified by the candidate prior to the exam. The exam will be one hour per topic area in an open book, open notes format.

Students must satisfactorily address four of the submitted topics. Problems will be graded by the faculty member who presented that topic. Students will be provided an opportunity to examine their results; however, in order to protect the questions from dissemination they will not be permanently returned. A grade for the qualifying examination of Pass (P), Fail (F) or Remediate (R) will be given for each candidate. In cases where remediation in certain topic areas is required, the Ph.D. advisor will develop a problem solving based plan with the Ph.D. candidate to prepare for a retest on the identified topic areas. The retest must occur prior to completion of the following semester and will be overseen by the Ph.D. Advisor.

Comprehensive Examination

In the Applied Mechanics Option there are two distinct oral examinations: one associated with the dissertation Proposal and a separate one pertaining to the candidate’s graduate level understanding of Engineering Mechanics principles.