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Ph.D. in Engineering

Environmental Engineering Option

Are you interested in a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering-mountain stream

PhD Program Research Areas in Environmental Engineering

Water and Waste Water Treatment

Contact: Anne Camper (

Natural Treatment Systems

Contact: Otto Stein (

Subsurface Bioscience and Technology

Contact: Joel Cahoon (

Bioremediation and Biotechnology

Contact: Matthew Fields (

Algal Processes for Energy and the Environment

Contact: Brent Peyton (

College-wide Program Requirements

The College of Engineering (COE) offers a Ph.D. in Engineering with options that include Environmental Engineering. The COE has general program requirements that apply to all students who pursue a Ph.D. in Engineering, regardless of which option they choose.

Program-specific Degree Requirements for the Environmental Engineering Option

Students must meet the overall requirements for the Ph.D. in Engineering. The student’s committee may require additional credits of study based on the student’s background and needs. Specific course selections will be determined by the student and his/her committee
to support the student’s area of study. Up to 24 graded course credits can be applied from an M.S. Degree in meeting the Ph.D. credit requirements, at the discretion of the student’s Ph.D. committee.