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MR Lab Group
Montana State University
306 Cobleigh Hall
P.O. Box 173920
Bozeman MT 59717-3920

Sarah Codd

Joseph Seymour
> College of Engineering  > Magnetic Resonance Lab
Graduate Students

Elmira Nybo Elmira Nybo

Elmira Nybo is investigating the application of Electrophoretic NMR to porous media.

Nathan Williamson Nathan Williamson

Nathan is developing a spray drying model with collaborators at Bend Inc, Bend, Oregon.

Jake Trudnowski Jake Trudnowski

Jake is using the RheoNMR system to study polymer solutions in porous media.

Catherine Kirkland Catherine Kirkland

Catherine is working with Vista Clara on testing a low cost In-Situ NMR probe for monitoring biological and geochemical processes in the subsurface .

Cody Prather Cody Prather

Cody is designing a system to allow the study of supercritical fluid flow in-situ in the MRI spectrometer.

April Dower April Dower

April is....

Sarah Mailhiot Sarah Mailhiot

Sarah is working in Dr Ron June's lab to study the biomechanics of cartilage. One of her projects involves the use of NMR as a analysis tool.

Jeff Simkins Jeff Simkins

Jeff is using fluorine oil nanoparticles as tracers to studt transport processes in biofilms

Undergraduate Students  
Jordan Kennedy Jordan Kennedy

Jordan is characterising complex fluids with a rheometer. She is a McNair scholar and a member of the American Indian Research Opportunities (AIRO) Program



Matt Sherick Matt Sherick

Matt is growing and isolating bacterial alginate in order to use NMR to study the gelation of this material.. He is funded by the Montana INBRE Program (IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence).



Matt Matt Danczyk

Matt is studying two phase flow in porous media.



Varsha Rao Varsha Rao

Varsha is growing and isolating bacterial alginate in order to use NMR to study the gelation of this material.



John Pankratz John Pankratz

John is using NMR to physically characterize the liquid vein network in lab-grown ice with relevance to Antarctic ice shelves and as a terrestrial analog for the icy moon Europa.



John Yakowich John Yakowich

John is researching the viscoelastic properties of bacterial alginate using rheology.



Katie Kent Katie Kent

Katie is rheologically characterizing polymer-particle dispersions to observe changes in material properties with the addition of nanoparticles to polymer solutions.



Andrew bender Andrew Bender

Andrew is assisting on the large bioreactor project. He is analysing small benchtop model bioreators to determine the best combination of parameters for the larger scale bioreactor.



Shelley haug Shelley Haug

Shelley is assisting on the spray drying project.



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