Montana State University

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department



Our Mission

The mission of the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department is to serve the State of Montana, the region, and the nation by providing outstanding leadership and contributions in knowledge discovery, student learning, innovation and entrepreneurship, and service to community and profession.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leader in discovery, learning, innovation, and service through focus on core competencies, multi-disciplinary collaborations, and investment in the Departmental community.

Our Curriculum

The Department is particularly focused on excellence in the following thrust areas: design and manufacture; energy systems; materials and structures; measurement systems; service engineering; and, human factors engineering.

The Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department is home to students in three undergraduate curriculums:

Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Technology

The engineering programs are ABET/EAC accredited, and the technology program is ABET/TAC accredited. An Engineering Internship Program is available to undergraduate students. The Department houses excellent laboratory and computing facilities in discipline specific areas. All undergraduate students are also exposed to a senior design experience with 'real world' applications. Several programs are available for women and ethnic minorities (EMPower, AISIS). M&IE is one of the largest academic units on campus – faculty, staff and students total more than 1200 people! 

The Master of Science degree is available in the engineering disciplines, and a Doctor of Philosophy is available at the College level.  Faculty guiding graduate students participate in a wide range of research activity funded by agencies like the DOD, DOE, NASA, and NSF in addition to other private and state agencies.