MSU Wind Applications Center participated in one of the MSU Science Saturdays events.
An estimated 70 grade school students attended this fifth and final Science Saturday edition of the academic year. Some photos of the presentation and activities are shown below.

Introduction: Alternative Energy Discussion:
M&IE Professor Robb Larson & Chemistry Professor Trevor Douglas.


Groups of kids got to design, build, and test their own wind turbine blades.

Participants came up with lots of innovative designs.

Students experimented with blade count as well as blade shape, materials, pitch, balance
and tested the electrical output of a turbine system using their original blade designs.
ME Graduate Student Nathan Palmer helps test a turbine design built by Science Saturday participants.

ME Graduate Student Nathan Palmer and MIE  Professor Robb Larson
 working with Science Saturday students.

A nice design, testing underway...

More testing, this time with unique blade shapes.

Turbine Blade designers modifying their blades to try for maximum power output.

 These wind turbine designers are proud of their system performance!