2006 SAE Formula West Competition. June 14-17, California Speedway in Fontana, CA

The 2006 MSU FORMULA SAE "Bobcat Motorsports" travel team with their first-year entry CAR #20, at the California Speedway in Fontana CA:
Front: Jay Evers, Will Hubay-Dies, Eric Milliren. 
Standing: Advisor Robb Larson, Alex Woidtke, Isaac Henslee, Jake Fraser, Blake Buchanan, Aaron Darnton, Bobby Baenziger, Lance Johnson

ME Senior Eric Milliren prepares for his turn at the Acceleration course, while Blake Buchanan does some last-second tuning.

ME Junior Isaac Henslee at the starting line, and then ripping up the Autocross course in the Bobcat Motorsports car.

 Driver Bobby Baenziger, MET, is pushed back to the paddock by race-suited Lance Johnson, MET and Will Hubay-Dies, ME.
(Pit Rules stated that cars must be pushed to and from events and competitions, as a safety precaution.)

Extensive inspection of every car plus interviews with judges & officials ensured that the SAE student participants had thoroughly addressed the 125-page rule book (and had done the work themselves!)

A total of 71 Universities competed in the 2006 SAE Formula West competition. 22 states and 8 foreign countries were represented. Most teams have a long history of competition in SAE Formula events.

Innovative design elements, clever component integration, state-of-the-art fabrication and rigorous analysis & testing procedures were apparent everywhere at competition.


Many university teams have extravagant budgets and dedicated facilities including team trailers, uniforms, and handling equipment.

Water-cooled turbocharger setup, Aluminum honeycomb impact attenuator structure.

Many teams displayed extensive use of composite materials, advanced manufacturing, and LOTS of sponsorship!

Weather was sunny & HOT making a shady work area mandatory. Fontana set a daily temperature record of 105F on Saturday.

RED BULL Grand Prix car on display (for comparison...)

MSU Bobcat Motorsports Entry in the queue for another run.

Excellent job, SAE club workers and  ME and MET Capstone group engineers/designers/builders.  Thanks to all those behind the scenes including donors & sponsors and the College of Engineering for financial support; all SAE club members for giving up their nights and weekends; MIE Capstone instructors & advisors, faculty and staff for their support and patience;  families, friends and well-wishers. 

We hope to put together an even more successful entry next year!