2011 Montana State University @ Formula SAE California
Autoclub Speedway, Fontana CA - June 15-19, 2011

MSU 2011 FSAE Travel Team

                                                The 2011 MSU FSAE Travel Team:
Standing - Morgan Bills (CET), Will Hubay-Dies (MET), Ben Gardner (MET), Allen Ream (ME), Bryan Kelly (ME), Jake Mindt (ME/MET).
        In the car -Scott Larson (ME). Kneeling - Karl Neu (ME/MET), Dylan Bourke (MET), James Willich (MET).

MSU Car 23 in the Technical Inspection bay, FSAE West, 2011 Car Prep in the MSU Paddock at SAE Formula West 2011
MSU Formula SAE team presence at the 2011 Competition: Technical Inspection, paddock.

James and Scott wait with the 2011 MSU Formula SAE car for their turn in technical inspection James Willich hangs out in MSU FSAE Car 23MSU 2011 Car 23 and the 'Wet Look' wrap courtesy of sponsor SCS Vinylworks MSU's 2011 Formula SAE car #23
The beautiful SCS Vinyl Works graphics package on the MSU car displays University affiliation and sponsorship.

MSU's 2011 FSAE Car 23 on-track in the Autocross event
Car #23 Ripping up the Autocross circuit.

MSU's 2011 Formula SAE car on-track in Endurance before an engine issue ended the day

2011 MSU Car #23 on-track in the final Endurance event prior to the fuel system problem that ended the day.

Atmosphere of the event...

Teams grilled by blue-shirted judges during the design event semi-finals

Provost's office logo joins Industrial sponsors on the innovative and competitive Oklahoma car
Team Honda at the 2011 SAE Formula West event
The Honda Technical College Team - evidence of the
 international flavor of the event
"Redneck Hot-tub" cools off an FSAE West Team in the paddock
University of Texas team members cooling off
 in their 'redneck hot-tub' in the pits.

Engine swap in-progress on the car from Bath, UK
Some international teams had only a shipping container for their "home" at the race
An international competitor catching some z's outside the shipping container that brought their car from overseas
A team put their old car for sale at FSAE West
More than one language is needed to advertise the sale of a team's parts car!

Innovation and engineering design excellence are common themes at every FSAE event




MSU FSAE Faculty Advisor Robb Larson and the 2011 entry

MSU SAE Student Chapter / Bobcat Motorsports team advisor Robb Larson in the 2011 car.