ETME360 Measurements and Instrumentation Applications
Laboratory Schedule - Summer Semester 2014

Lab links will be made "live" prior to each lab exercise

Lab Date  

This is a Preliminary Laboratory Schedule: Modifications, additions or deletions are probable. Check Back often for updates.


First Lecture meeting scheduled Tuesday, 6/24/2014 : No Lab Meeting during the first day of Class!

6/25/2014   LAB #1: Introduction to computerized data Acquisition. {Grades and Feedback have been posted on D2L.}
7/1/2014   LAB #2: Resistance Temperature Detector
7/2/2014   Note: Due to computer issues on 7/2, we'll perform what had been Lab 3b as Lab 4 next week.
The Infrared pyrometry lab is therefore cancelled, but we'll cover that material in a lecture demonstration.

LAB #3a: Thermocouple Applications: Time Response of Dual-Bead Thermocouple - (
note PRE-LAB exercise due at BEGINNING of Lab.)
7/8/2014   LAB #4 (formerly #3b) : Thermocouple Applications: Multiple Single-Junction Thermocouple Measurement
7/9/2014   LAB #5: Strain Gage Applications: Cantilever Beam Load Cell.

LAB #6:  Linear Variable Differential Transformers: Performance  Characterization using Digital Oscilloscopes.

7/16/2014   LAB #7: Piezoelectric transducer applications: Ultrasonic Inspection
7/22/2014   LAB  #8: Pressure Measurement. Applications: Creation of electronic pressure gage.

 LAB #9: Accelerometers Applications. - Note PRE-LAB assignment due at beginning of lab period! -

7/29/2014    LAB #10: Lab Project
7/30/2014   Last Summer session Meetings scheduled Wednesday 7/30/2014 : Lab 9 Writeup due no later than 11:15 AM. 
Note: The laboratory exercises shown may be changed, deleted, or switched as the semester progresses.
For the latest topics and schedule refer to course website, course D2L site, lecture updates and weekly lab e-handouts.                                                         

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