E-Handout #10
Fluid Flow Meters
ME360 Spring 20
14                                                                                              R. Larson

An engineering laboratory uses a steam generator to add humidity in a psychometrics experiment.  For a typical experiment, between 0.250 lbm/min and 0.500 lbm/min of water must be supplied to the steam generator.

Water is supplied through a 0.250 inch inside diameter pipe, and passes through a venturi flow meter of throat diameter d = 0.150 inches. Pressure drop caused by the venturi restriction is monitored using a water-filled manometer  (Manometer fluid is isolated so that no liquid exchange occurs between the supply line and the manometer.) What range of manometer readings bound the typical water flow rates? (State your result in units of inches of water.)

Assume rh20=62.4 lbm/ft3