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Ron June, Ph.D.

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
220 Roberts
Montana State University
P.O. Box 173800
Bozeman, MT 59717-3800

Office: (406) 994-5941
Lab: (406) 994-1891
Fax: (406) 994-6292
Office Address: EPS 10
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Ron June Lab | People

Principal Investigator:  Ron June

Dr. June received his undergraduate degree in Engineering Sciences with Honors from Dartmouth College where he worked with Drs. Francis Kennedy, Rick Greenwald, and Beth Winkelstein.  Dr. June earned a Ph.D. at the University of California Davis working with Dr. David Fyhrie to understand the role of polymer dynamics in cartilage biomechanics.  For his postdoctoral studies, Dr. June first worked with Dr. Robert Terkeltaub at the San Diego VA Hospital in UCSD's Division of Rheumatology.  The majority of Dr. June's postdoctoral training was in the lab of Dr. Steven F. Dowdy where he learned protein transduction and various aspects of molecular cell biology.

Graduate Students

  • Sarah Malhiot, PhD Student: Drug delivery, Cartilage and Joint Transport, Osteoarthritis Mouse Models, In Vivo Imaging.
  • Danial Salinas, PhD Student Computer Science (primary mentor: Professor Brendan Mumey): Flux calculation from stoichiometric models.  Network analysis.
  • Donny Zignego, PhD Candidate: Mechanotransduction, Metabolomics, LC-MS, Metabolomic Imaging, InVvivo Imaging,  Phosphoproteomics and iTRAQ
  • Jason Bishop, Navy SEAL Candidate
  • Al Rashid, MSME Fall 2013
  • Aaron Jutila, MSME, Summer 2013
  • Tom Rose, MSME, Summer 2013

Undergraduate Students

  • Ella Wardwell: Shear Mechanotransduction , Shear Loading Device for Soft Samples
  • Michael Bonde: SLAMR (Static Loading Apparatus for Mouse and Rat Joints).  Machine Design.  Measurement of intra-articular contact pressure distributions for mouse and rat knees.
  • Cody Minor: Systems Biology Network Modeling, Central Energy Metabolism, Elementary Mode Flux Analysis.
  • Michael Ruiz
  • Allen Garcia
  • Brecken Lewendal
  • Renn Scott
  • Julie Muretta
  • Berit Kerchner
  • Kim Pribanic