MSU NIST Extension Project installation of additional solar panels
at the MSU Safety and
Risk Management Building

The writer supervised the installation of 16 additional photovoltaic solar panels and, also, the installation of
a data acquisition system to monitor the system performance.



Figure 1. Project site: the MSU Safety and Risk Management Building.


Figure 2. Prototype combined photovoltaic/thermal solar collector panels.


Figure 3. General contractor and crew installing additional frames for photovoltaic solar panels.


Figure 4. Four new photovoltaic panels in place (three covered).


Figure 5. Sixteen new photovoltaic panels in place.


Figure 6. Inverter which converts dc power from the photovoltaic panels to ac power for distribution in the building.


Figure 7. Data acquisition system for long term monitoring of the photovoltaic and thermal system performance.
For a full size image, link HERE.