Montana State University

 Mechanical Engineering Faculty    

Ruhul Amin

Amin, M. Ruhul

Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Energy Systems


Doug Cairns

Cairns, Douglas

Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Materials, Composites, Modeling, Solid Mechanics, Mechanics of materials


Sarah Codd

Codd, Sarah, L.

Professor - Mechanical Engineering

 Magnetic Resonance Microscopy studies of ceramics, and
 fluid dynamics in hydrogels, biofilms, and polymer electrolyte membranes


Vic A. Cundy

Cundy, Vic A.

Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Combustion, Heat Transfer, Incineration of Waste, Fluid Mechanics


John Davis

Davis, John R.

Adjunct Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering Technology
Manufacturing Processes, Machining Technology

Mike Edens

Edens, Mike

Adjunct Assistant Professor - Mechanical Engineering


Paul Gentile

Gentile, Paul S.

Adjunct Instructor - High Resolution Imaging & Spectroscopy, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Thermo-chemical Modeling


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George, Alan H.

Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Heat transfer, Measurements and Instrumentation


Chris Jenkins

Jenkins, H.M. Christopher

Professor and Dept. Head - Mechanical Engineering
Computational and Experimental Mechanics, Analysis and Design of Compliant Structures, Continuum and Solid Mechanics, Theoretical and Experimental Structural Dynamics, Mechanical Design


Ron June

June, Ron

Assistant Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Mechanobiology, Mechanotransduction, Biomechanics, Arthritis, Biomaterials, Viscoelasticity and Materials Science


Robb Larson

Larson, Robb

Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering Technology
Affiliated Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Design, Measurement & Instrumentation, Wind/Alternative Energy Applications, Avalanche & Cold Regions Studies, Automotive & Transportation systems


David Miller

Miller, David

Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Experimental mechanics of materials; structure/property relationships to strength and damage; shape memory alloys; dynamic testing and properties of materials


Mandy Rutherford

Rutherford, Mandy

Adjunct Instructor
Uncertainty Quantification, Structural Dynamics


Stephen Sofie

Sofie, Stephen

Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering
Innovative Ceramic Processing, Microstructure/Nano Structure Engineering, Solid Oxide Fuel
Cells, High Temp. Piezoelectrics, High Temp. Superconductors, Thermoelectrics, and Photoluminescent Ceramics