Montana State University

M.S. Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering

MSME in Mechanical Engineering

 The Department offers the Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. This degree may be accomplished under Plan A with thesis or Plan B without thesis. Under either plan, a program of study is arranged for each student according to his/her particular goal.

Summary of ME Master of Science Program Requirements

MSME & MENG-ME Approved 500 Level Required Courses

MIE Graduate Manual


Applicants must present evidence of graduation with a bachelor’s degree in engineering with ability to maintain a “B” average. Graduates in other fields may be accepted, but generally these students will have to make up deficiencies in certain subject areas. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Test scores are required before admission. International students must have a minimum TOEFL score of 550 to be considered for admission.

We cannot assess your admissibility until we have received your complete application.

Steps leading to a successful application

 When you are ready to begin the formal application process please visit the Graduate School website at and click on the “Apply Now” link. In addition to completing the application, you will need to send the following supporting materials:

1.      Official transcripts
2.      GRE scores
3.      Three (3) letters of recommendation
4.      A Statement of Purpose (why you want to pursue a graduate degree)
5.      TOEFL scores (International students only)
6.      A completed and signed Financial Certificate (International students only)
7.      Proof of Available Funds Affidavit - exceeding $28,000 (International students only) 

These additional documents should be sent directly to: 

Montana State University
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
P.O. Box 173800
Bozeman, MT  59717-3800 

Additional admission criteria can be found at the Graduate School website The Mechanical Engineering graduate committee follows the Graduate School deadlines. Please pay attention to application deadlines available at Additional specific questions can be addressed at

Transfer Credits

Transfer graduate credits may be accepted subject to the requirements of the Graduate School. Such transfer credits will usually be considered and accepted only after the student has completed at least one semester of course work at Montana State University.

Research Experience 

For an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, research is required in Plan A only.

Research Facilities 

Graduate Students in Mechanical Engineering have access to specialized laboratories for research in turbulence, heat exchangers, heat transfer, materials science, and fluid dynamics. Students also have access to all laboratories and computing facilities available at a modern research university.


Mechanical Engineering master’s degree students pursuing either Plan A or Plan B are required to take a comprehensive examination at the end of their first year of study. All master’s degree students following the non-thesis plan (Plan B) must pass a final comprehensive exam at the end of their course of study. All master’s degree students pursuing Plan A must present a thesis defense at the end of their program.

Financial Assistance 

Teaching and research assistantships are available on a competitive basis. Teaching assistantships (GTA's) involve assisting professors with the conduct of their classes, including preparation and grading. Research assistantships (GRA's) provide the opportunity for work on a research grant or industry sponsored project under the direction of a faculty member. Interested applicants should make inquiry directly to the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program Coordinator.

Frequently asked questions 

Can I start my Graduate Program anytime?

Yes, the MSME program is structured such that a student can begin Fall, Spring or Summer semesters, but must meet application deadlines. 

Summer semester:  April 1

Fall semester:  July 1

Spring semester:  December 1 

International students

Summer semester:  February 1

Fall semester:  May 1

Spring semester:  October 1 

Are there minimum GRE score requirements?

The ME Graduate Program has no minimum GRE score requirements. However, the higher the better for admission and funding.

What are the English Proficiency Requirements for international students?

The Graduate School requirements can be found at this link:

How do I obtain financial support?

Your application will be circulated to the M&IE faculty with GRA opportunities. They will contact you directly if an opportunity becomes available. 

How long does the application process take?

The application takes several weeks to process during a typical semester. Please apply early during the semester prior to your planned attendance.

Please send any questions or comments about the MSME program to