Technical Addendum formatting and content.

Projects evolve over time. Each design team must document any elements that were added during execution of the project and record any changes that may have occurred. To address this need, a  brief "TECHNICAL ADDENDUM"  report is to be prepared and submitted by each ME/MET capstone project group as a supplement to their initial project report. When all is completed at the end of the second term, the contents of these two documents - the initial report combined with the Technical Addendum  - should constitute a full and complete record of project activities. 

Every group's technical addendum will describe their prototype configuration, test procedures, itemize test results, and show a final project schedule. If design changes have occurred the addendum must also then include a record of changes or updates to component and assembly drawings, plus updates and/or corrections to analysis. You may wish to include an "errata" page, (e.g. a page-by-page listing of necessary corrections/additions to your Capstone 1 report contents.)

To limit the time demands and thereby retain the focus on fabrication and testing during the second term of capstone, no specific report format is defined for the technical addendum. Groups should use good judgment in preparing the document as a concise, well-formatted synopsis describing results of all redesign, manufacturing & testing efforts. Formatting for this document should follow a logical flow: You may wish to use sub-chapter headings to divide segments, use properly labeled figures and tables, and include photographs to document testing.  Include references as needed. Professional composition including proper word usage, grammar & spelling is required - as always

Submit an electronic copy of this document to your capstone instructors via D2L, and another copy to your advisor - on the due date. If large quantities of data or other significant computer files have been generated, an electronic copy of these items should accompany the document. Provide your sponsor with a copy of this material.  Technical addendum reports will not be returned to the group: Project team members may desire to create copies for their own use, as these reports provide an excellent record of your abilities and achievements perfect for a dossier.

R. Larson