Fall 2013

Each group must present their Production Readiness Review - "PRR" to a group consisting of the instructors, all design team students, and the presenting group's faculty advisor.  PRRs are to be completed prior to close of the third week of classes (no later than close of business, Friday September 13th. )

Format for the PRR will be a brief group presentation followed by an open discussion. A total of ~20 minutes is allocated for each group. Each group should prepare material to convince all involved that you are ready to build. Items needed to prove you're prepared include a complete drawing set to display on the big screen, a printed drawing set to mark up, evidence that fabrication materials are on-hand, existence of a complete manufacturing plan including any  tooling / fixturing / jig designs that you may require, and a procurement/fabrication breakdown defining who builds what and which group members are responsible for completing items - including an ACCURATE SCHEDULE.

Whether build occurs in our shops or outside MSU, your group should know exactly how this project will be fabricated and assembled.  You should provide convincing evidence that your group's personal skill-set  is sufficient to fabricate the part and . Have "all your ducks in a row" for this meeting so you can begin fabricating your prototypes.

IF your group is not prepared to complete PRR requirements at this time, please don't waste the class time! We'll re-schedule for later, but grade penalties will start accumulating immediately.

Provide copies of the above materials into the D2L dropbox.

Three outcomes are possible:

1. PASS - your group will have full go-ahead to proceed with fabrication as planned.

2. PROVISIONAL PASS - there are missing elements or shortcomings that need immediate attention, but some elements of your project are far enough along to begin. Groups with  Provisional status must RE-SCHEDULE their PRR to address the problems identified.

3. FAIL - Your project is in no condition to go forward. Work with your faculty advisor, instructor, and sponsor and then RE-SCHEDULE your PRR. No Manufacturing will be permitted for groups with this status.


Status, Notes Group Day / Time / Location Attendees
PASS. Ensure Micro-controller programming is well-documented. Click Beetle Tuesday 9-10-2013 / 10:00 AM / EPS008F Group + advisor R. June + instructor R. Larson
PASS. Ensure Micro-controller programming is well-documented. Langmuir Trough Tuesday 9-10-2013 / 12:00 AM / Roberts 219 Group + advisor  S. Sophie + instructor R. Larson
PASS. Frame Jig required for alignment - see T. Jungst Bicycle Composite Leaf Spring Tuesday 9-10-2013 / 4:10 PM / Roberts 210Group + advisor R. Larson + instructor D. Miller
PASS Quantel Environmental Chamber Tuesday 9-10-2013 / 5:10 PM / Roberts 219 Group + advisor R. Amendola + instructor R. Larson
PASS. Aggressive scheduling required to achieve early completion of PV/Thermal experiments. Alternative Energy Laboratory Wednesday 9-11-2013 / 11:00 AM / Roberts 219 Group + advisor R. Larson + instructor D. Miller
PASS.  Ensure Micro-controller programming is well-documented. Malting Barley Processing II Wednesday 9-11-2013 / 12:00 PM / Roberts 219 Group + advisor V. Cundy + instructor D. Miller
PASS Soil Olfactometer Wednesday 9-11-2013 / 1:00 PM / EPS 136 Group + advisor J. Davis + instructor D. Miller
PASS Wear Tester Thursday 9-11-2013 / 9:00 AM / Roberts 219 Group + advisor Johnson + instructor D. Miller
PASS. Yarn Ball RollingThursday 9-12-2013 / 1:35 pm / Cooks' OfficeGroup + advisor K. Cook + instructor D. Miller
PASS. Ensure that paperwork to schedule CNC / Plasma  usage in-place.Vibration Test RigThursday 9-12-2013 / 4:00 pm / Roberts 219Group + advisor Jenkins + instructor D. Miller
PASS  Ensure Micro-controller programming is well-documented. Suggest minor simplifications to structure to enable separation of key components in field.Remote Beehive MonitoringFriday 9-13-2013 / 11:00 am / Roberts 106Group + advisor M. Edens + instructor D. Miller