ETME/EMEC499  Fall 2013
Prototype Rollout

The Prototype Rollout event signals the end of the capstone project fabrication stage and the beginning of the testing stage. Every ME/MET capstone project prototype is to be completed and ready for functional demonstration per the course schedule. To ensure compliance with this requirement, prototype fabrication status will be demonstrated to the capstone instructors, advisors, class members, and bystanders during class. This term we'll hold the Prototype Rollout event in the EPS Lobby, from 3:10 - 5:00 PM, on Tuesday November 12th.


Scoring and Evaluation:

1.       The purpose of the prototype rollout is to confirm that projects are <essentially> complete and ready to begin the testing phase - or to identify any project prototypes that remain incomplete and assign appropriate penalties.

2.    Per the course syllabus, the prototype rollout score is worth 30 points towards the 200 possible points for the course (15% of the course grade.) Grading of the prototype rollout is as follows:

Project Status Grade Status
a. Prototype Complete and able to Demonstrate Basic Functionality. The prototype is ready for testing Full points awarded to all group members
b. Prototype Incomplete, manufacturing tasks remain. Points deducted at a rate of 1 point per weekday for every group member, until basic prototype functionality is demonstrated.

3.       Cosmetic elements such as final paint, fairings, protective guards or shields, labels, and operating instructions, etc. are not considered to be critical at this stage, and will not be evaluated as long as plans are in-place to complete these elements prior to the end of the term.

4.   Groups in Category (b)  may petition for re-evaluation at any time before the Engineering Design Fair, to recoup remaining points.

5.   All Projects will be required to participate in the upcoming Engineering Design Fair.

Group  Results -General Comments

We were pleased with the level of completion of ALL of the projects. Point scores reflect the advanced status of the projects this term, a job well done. Only a few groups had minor tasks remaining, and even those were minimal. No further points will be deducted.


Project Number Project Description Prototype Rollout STATUS and Notes POINTS Student Team Members Faculty Advisor
5 Malting Barley Processing PASS 30
1. Dahlen, Brandt
2. Larson, Thomas
3. Townshend, Michael
4. Prison, Wyatt
6 Mechanical Wear Tester
PASS: Have only some minor  assembly steps remaining 28
1. Dal Porto, Ryan
2. Espenlaub, Greg
3. Guenette, Chelsea
4. Zupan, Tyler
9 Miniature Langmuir trough PASS 30
1. Motley, Jamesen
2. Street, Ryan
3. Winters, J
10 Remote Beehive Monitoring System PASS 30
1. LaCroix, Daniel
2. Morris, Stephan
3. Griffiths, Evan
11 Environmental Chamber PASS 30
1. Abdo, Spencer
2. Johnson, Evan
3. Jones, Kevin
4. Watts, Wade
12 Mountain Bike Composite Suspension System PASS: Have only some minor  assembly steps remaining 30
1.Gaskin, Kevin
2. Hogue, Brandon
3. Karns, Tristan
4. Norton, Towner
13 Alternative Energy Lab Modules PASS: Have some minor fabrication steps remaining on the micro-hydro system 28
1. Russiff, Taylor
2. Schallinger, Michael
3. Marcoux, Ethan
14 Click Beetle Capturing System/Movement Detection PASS 30
1. Cauble, Eric
2. Gibbs, Beau
3. Ruby, Quinn
4. Packard, Dalton
16 Soil Olfactometer PASS: Have some minor fabrication steps remaining before testing can begin 28
1. Al Aofi, Meshel
2. Stahly, Trevin
18 Yarn Rolling Device PASS 30
1. Dorans, Molly
2. King, Erin
3. Martin, Dansun
4. Caliskan, Murat
19 Vibration Test System PASS 30
1. Brown, Christopher
2. Lundsten, Ruben
3. Koski, Stephen