Preliminary Design Review
ETME489 / EMEC489 Spring Semester 2014
Monday, 3/3/2014
Schedule and Content Notes

ME/MET Capstone 1  Preliminary Design Review "PDR"  project presentations are scheduled to be held in TWO CONCURRENT SESSIONS during the 3:10 - 5:00 PM regular lecture time. Sessions will be chaired by the course instructors and course T/As. The presentation locations are shown below:

                                  ETME/EMEC 489 Capstone 1
Preliminary Design Review Schedule
  Audience consists of Faculty, Advisors, sponsors, and CAPSTONE 2 Students,
Last Names beginning with letters
A - K
Audience consists of Faculty, Advisors, sponsors, and CAPSTONE 2 Students,
Last Names beginning with letters
L - Z
  Session 1 Session 2
  Johnson Hall Reid Hall
Start Time Room 339 Room 101
3:15 Composites Lab - Desktop RIM system-  LANL Remote Lid Lifter
3:30 LANL- Metal Bladder -  HIO Culture Flow System
3:45 LANL- Composite shell-  Haas 4th-axis placement device
4:00  Bread Loaf Coring Machine EMAT 252 Impact Tester
4:15  Individualized Petfood Dispenser  Collapsable Highway Sign
4:30  Adaptive Snowboarding Apparatus  Composite Mountain Bike Suspension Damper
4:45  LANL Mechanical Wear Tester  

Scheduling and Mechanics:
Students - All students are expected to share equal portions of their group presentation preparation and/or delivery workload, and each student is expected to attend ALL presentations during the session in which they present.
Bring a USB drive with your presentation contents, and be sure to check that all needed files are present and functional.

Presentation Format:  
A few minutes are available at the beginning of each class for loading presentations onto computer, etc: Once presentations begin, 
*Not more than 10 minutes
are allocated for each group presentation, followed by up to 5 minutes for interactive Q&A with audience.
*MAXIMUM of 15 minutes per group: We cannot extend beyond this time limit, be sure presentation content fits these constraints!
*Student groups should invite advisors, sponsors, and any other interested individuals.
*Dress code = business casual.
*Powerpoint use is recommended. It is not mandatory, but PPT presentations are generally considered the standard method for conveying this type of information.
*Other options include handouts, pass-around articles, video, etc...

At a minimum, your presentation/discussion should include the following elements

It is possible that some groups may have made progress beyond the above minimum level: For instance, analysis or modeling of the preferred configuration may be under-way. That is fine, as long as all intermediate steps have been properly addressed:  You should consider the above list a minimum level of achievement at this stage of the term.

Group PDR Performance will be evaluated by the instructor based on the content recommendations listed above. Written feedback from attendees will also be solicited.
PDR accounts for 10% of the course grade, per the grading criteria stated in the course syllabus.