ETME489/EMEC489 Spring Semester 2014
Critical Design Reviews - "CDRs"

CDR Format / Content / Expectations

The Critical Design Review is a major milestone for the Capstone 1 course. BOTH of the following (Part a + Part b) elements MUST be fulfilled!

The Part (a), round-table meetings with  group members, advisors, instructors and sponsors are an opportunity for design teams to present their designs, and fine-tune their designs and documentation prior to entering the 'build phase' of their projects.
Part (b) involves media (video) presentations. This portion of the CDR is designed to allow the group to convey end-of-term status to ME/MET Freshmen, their fellow students, project sponsors, advisors, faculty, and to the public.

CDR is worth (up to) 30 points, and thus comprises 15% of the Capstone 1 course grade.

Part (a) Round Table CDR MEETING
Each group must participate in a half-hour to one-hour long informal round-table discussion, scheduled during the last two weeks of class. It is recommended that your final advisor meeting time during the last week of classes be dedicated to this session.


Part (b) Recorded Video Presentation
Each Group also must prepare a recorded presentation as the second required component of CDR: This presentation method involves creating a short (~5 minute) video summary of their project activities and results. Format should be appropriate for posting to the MIE TV screen in the Roberts Hall Lobby.


Each Group is to schedule their CDR session, with approval and concurrence by their faculty advisor. The faculty advisor will chair the session.

Groups are to coordinate with affected individuals: Specifically, design teams must ensure that their advisor is aware of this obligation, invite your sponsor, and let the course instructors know any updates to time and location.

All group members must be present, and must actively participate. One or more of the course instructors and/or course T/A's will plan on attending.


Each design group is responsible for scheduling a meeting location for their CDR round-table. Consider availability of projector, seating, etc. You may work with the MIE front office staff to arrange for use of a conference room or classroom, or use your normal meeting place (such as your advisor's office, a conference room, etc.)


Groups should come prepared to discuss and show off the important deliverables for their project, including

  • Project Scope; Level One requirements and Specifications.
  • Alternatives considered and selection criteria.
  • Details of the selected configuration including physical configuration, mass & material properties, etc. Include parts breakdown/  CAD model & Drawing Package.
  • ANALYSIS: Assumptions, Methods, Procedures, and Results.
  • Manufacturing Plan and Methods.
  • Project Management Plan - through project completion.

The main issues at hand are
1. How
- and how well - will your design address the customer's requirements and meet the engineering design specifications you derived from those requirements?
2. Have you completed the design of a system that can be fabricated, assembled, and tested, using means at your disposal, in a timely fashion.


 This Critical Design Review Round-table is intended to be a relatively informal discussion, but groups must come prepared with proper support material. PREPARATION is key. Students are to drive the discussion and demonstrate ownership of the project.


Organization and Content:

At this stage of your project, the RESULTS  are likely more interesting and important than the PROCESS, so you should ensure that the final proposed configuration is presented thoroughly. Exclude extraneous content.  Clearly you will not have adequate time to present detailed analysis steps, so limit discussion to analysis outcomes. (Suggestion - you may wish to use a table to list what analysis was performed and the corresponding outcome in terms of safety factors.) You should include a brief summary of your project management plan including upcoming events next term.


Remember proper presentation techniques. This Critical Design Review is considered a semi-formal presentation!

The point of your media presentation should be on the result of your project, with emphasis on technology (CAD/CAE modeling and analysis.) The presentation should contain (only!) content appropriate for viewing by the public. Creative production techniques such as 'interviews' with group members who provide narrative on the process and outcome of the design are encouraged. The intent here is to let groups break new ground with modern information delivery methodologies while still conveying all important project details.

Video Presentations are due no later than 5:00 PM Wednesday, April 30 th.

 Round-Table SCHEDULE

This schedule based on the regularly-scheduled meeting times reported by students.

Monday 4/21 Tuesday, 4/22 Wednesday, 4/23 Thursday,
Place Group #
9:00-10:00  ISkiBike - ??      LANL Composite shell Rob 219          
10:00-11:00        LANL Bladder group- Rob 219  LANL Wear tester - Rob 219  Rob 219  2    
11:00-12:00        HAAS CDR - ROB 219          
12:00-1:00        Drop Tower CDR- ???
Desktop RTM - Rob 306C
1:00-2:00      Highway Sign CDR-Rob 219    Auto Pet bowl - ???          
1:30-2:30        Bread Coring  CDR-Rob 219      7    
4:10-5:00  Mountain Bike CDR      Lid Lifter CDR- Rob 219    ????  16