Formula SAE
Race Car  Design

Last season the SAE car 'build' phase fell short and the car was not used in competition in Spring 2012. However, the basic design and many components are  completed and in-place. The project this year is to complete this car and to ensure that the design meets 2013 competition rules. Tasks include a slook at the analysis and structural requirements to ensure that integrity is maintained when subjected to all expected loads and forces.

Three students joined the Formula SAE (FSAE) capstone groups in Spring 2012, and are now in their second semester capstone class. These students will remain on their FSAE project assignments. Several additional  ME and MET students are needed to join the design team in Fall 2012.


The MSU Society of Automotive Engineers club has successfully competed in five Formula SAE® competitions since 2006.  The FSAE competition is “for SAE student members to conceive, design, fabricate, and compete with small formula-style racing cars.” [ ] Fabrication and design of the car will be a joint effort between ME/MET Capstone design project groups and club members. Lessons learned from earlier efforts will be conveyed to each Capstone group member and SAE club participant, to ensure that this next-generation car meets performance expectations.

Students participating in the SAE formula car projects are required to join the MSU SAE club and the SAE International professional organization.  Dues are about $25/year. Members of the Capstone team are strongly encouraged to attend the FSAE race as travel team members.
Cars were not finished in time for the race in 2009 and 2012...
2011 MSU Car at Fontana, CA 2010 MSU Car at Fontana, CA
2008 MSU car at the California Speedway 2007 MSU Car on the track, final race in CA 2006 MSU Car (First year) on-site in CA

Industrial Sponsor: MSU SAE CLUB

Faculty Advisor
Mr. Robb Larson