Preliminary Design Review
ETME489 / EMEC489 Fall Semester 2012

Schedule and Content Notes

ME/MET Capstone 1 Fall 2012 "PDR"  project presentations are scheduled for Tuesday October 16th and Tuesday October 23rd.
To accommodate the large class size we will schedule PDR sessions in TWO different classroom venues on TWO consecutive weeks, per the schedule below.

Students - Consider scheduling constraints of your faculty advisor when requesting a presentation time. Not all advisors will be able to attend, and typically only a few sponsors will make it - but please make an effort to accommodate their schedules. All students are expected to share equal portions of their group presentation, and must attend ALL presentations during the session in which they present.

                                             Presentation Schedule

start time

Tuesday 10/16, Roberts  210. Session Facilitator = Miller
Group Faculty Advisor
3:10 Hip Manipulator Cundy
3:27 Malting Barley Processing Cundy
3:44 High Performance three way valve Mian
4:01 Baja SAE Larson
4:18 Formula SAE Larson
4:35 EMAT 252 Lab Equipment Sofie
start time
Tuesday 10/16, Lewis 304: Session Facilitator = Larson
Group Faculty Advisor
3:10 Aero Design Competition Cairns
3:27 Lunabotics Edens
3:44 Composites Test Frame Miller
4:01 ASME National Design Challenge Miller

ASHRAE National Design Challenge

4:35 Personal Ascender Jungst
start time
Tuesday 10/23, Roberts  210; Session Facilitator = Amende
Group Faculty Advisor
3:10 Habitat for Humanity Passive House Amende
3:27 Compact DC Vacuum Pump George
3:44 Buffalo Rapids Irrigation George
4:01 AUVSI- Robosub Miller
4:18 Camera Stage Cook
start time
Tuesday 10/23, Lewis 304; Session Facilitator = Miller
Group Faculty Advisor
3:10 Towhaul Loading Blocks Davis
3:27 Human Powered Vehicle Jenkins
3:44 Membrane Impact Tester Jenkins
4:01 Automated Tube Opening and Resealing Fisher
4:18 Rotary Engine Amin
4:35 Mouse treadmill June


Presentation Format:  
*Not more than 12 minutes
are allocated for each group presentation, followed by up to 5 minutes for interactive Q&A with audience.
*MAXIMUM of 17 minutes per group: We cannot extend beyond this time limit, be sure presentation content fits these constraints!
*Student groups should invite advisors, sponsors, and any other interested individuals.
*Dress code = business casual.
*Powerpoint use is not mandatory, but is generally considered to be the standard method for conveying this type of information.
*Other options include handouts, pass-around articles, video, etc...

At a minimum, your presentation/discussion should include the following elements

It is possible that some groups may be further along: For instance, analysis or modeling of the preferred configuration may be under-way. That is fine, as long as all intermediate steps have been properly addressed: Consider the above list a minimum level of achievement at this stage of the term.

Group PDR Performance will be evaluated by the instructor based on the content recommendations listed above. Written feedback from attendees will also be solicited.
PDR accounts for 10% of the course grade, per the grading criteria stated in the course syllabus.