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Steven V. Jenkins, P.E.

Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)

Montana LTAP – Safety Webinars 2011-2015

Next Monthly Safety Webinar: Tuesday, April 21, 2015-Electrical Safety. Call MT LTAP 1-800-541-6671 for more info.

Recorded Webinars

March 24, 2015: Back Safety & Slips, Trips, & Falls - SteveJenkins, MT LTAP Director, reviewed back safety and the importance of 3-Point Contact for Equipment Ingress/Egress; Common Back Injuries caused by equipment operation, slips in shops due to wet or greasy floors, stairs and ladder safety, putting together a safety template available from MT LTAP, along with various slips, trips, and falls safety videos and DVDs available from MT LTAP library.

February 24, 2015:Leadership and Becoming a Leader - SteveJenkins, MT LTAP Director, discussed leadership qualities, natural laws, value of product vs worker, leader vs manager, highest form of human motivation, communication skills, and parts of effective teamwork.

January 20, 2015: Temporary Traffic Control for Low Volume Roads - Steve Jenkins, MT LTAP Director, reviewed various aspects of work zone safety: what determines low volume roads in a temporary traffic work zone; understanding temporary traffic control as seen in Chapter 6 of the MUTCD; various TTC signs to be used for low volume roads in a work zone; ANSI 2 or ANSI 3 required safety vests; when are flaggers assigned to a work zone; the importance of keeping your flaggers certified and the liability issues if you don't; review of the five parts of a work zone.

December 16, 2014: Winter Survival - Steve Jenkins, MT LTAP Director, outlined various winter survival topics including: standard safety for winter travel; carbon monoxide and hypothermia as it relates to winter stranded automobile fatalities; proper layering of winter clothing; winter survival priorities; and what's in your winter survival kit.

December 9, 2014: Winter Maintenance - Steve Jenkins, MT LTAP Director, provided information regarding sand/salt mixtures, deicing concerns, the importance of know about the dew point, having a winter maintenance policy, attributes of snow fences, and how to train snow plow drivers. MACRS President Ovila Byrd, Flathead County Road Department offered real life situations his county has dealt with when plowing roads.

October 2014: Load Securement- Steve Jenkins, MT LTAP Director, and Doug Nisbet, Lewis & Clark County, covered the following: Overview of proper loading, postioning, and securing; Why have a properly secured load; Force of Gravity Percentages regarding weight of cargo; Different types of securement approaches; Understanding Working Load Limits of Tie-downs; Observations of damaged or weakened tie-down components.

September 2014: PASER Inventories- Steve Jenkins, MT LTAP Director, reviewed the 2008 Gravel Roads Inventory from Montana County Road Departments; what ratings mean with photo examples; review of several county's inventories and comparisons to 2013/2014; cost of improving roads better known as good roads cost less; Interactive webinar where participants rate several roads; review of importance of sending in road ratings for 2014/2015.

August 2014: Truck Driving Safety - Steve Jenkins, MT LTAP Director, and Dave Sutton, Retired Cascade County Road Supervisor, discussed the importance of the Seven Step Vehicle Inspection/Tire Inspection; 3-point Contact and Backing Safety; Points on Controlling Speed; Managing Driving Space; Winter Issues; Distracted Driving; and Review of Air Brake Systems.

July 2014: Skid Steer Safety - Steve Jenkins, MT LTAP Director, reviewed safety considerations and operations of a skid steer. He also covered skid steer safety concerns such as moving parts, possible decapitation, loss of limbs, visibility and stability. Jenkins also discussed the versatility of the skid steer and its many uses.

June 2014: Road Millings- With Mo Henman, Retired Yellowstone County Road Department - now Western Emulsions; and Steve Jenkins, MT LTAP, covering:•Brief discussion on when to pave •Basic Use of Road Millings •Importance of Preparing and Shaping Gravel Road •Dump Trucks and Uses •Steps for Laying Out Millings •Reclamite or Not •Options and Review. Mitch Urdahl, Gallatin County Road Supervisor, also provided informative comments on road millings in his county.

April 2014: Gravel Road Materials and Specifications - With Steve Jenkins covering: Keys to Longevity of Gravel Roads; Montana's Standard Prism Design; Gravel Road Gradation Requirements and Plasticity; Using Sieve Analysis to Understand Gravel Specifications; Process for Obtaining and Handling Good Gravel; and Calculating Gravel Volume. Jerry Otto, Hill County Road Supervisor, and Ovila Byrd, Flathead County Road Supervisor, added their comments also.

March 2014: Work Zone Safety for Low Volume Roads - With Montana LTAP Field Engineer Bart Kraus: •MUTCD: Traffic Control Devices for Low Volume Roads – Chapter 5 •Importance of ANSI 2 and ANSI 3 Safety Vests •Who Needs to Wear Retroreflective Vests •Montana Law Regarding Work Zones •Work Zone Signage

February 2014: Back, Hand, & Eye Safety (PPE)- With Montana LTAP Director Steve Jenkins: •Heavy Equipment Operators - Most Common Injuries on Insurance Claims •Back Protection and Prevention for Equipment Operators •Importance of 3-Point Contact for Ingress/Egress •Basics of Hand Safety – Use of Correct Hand Protection •Eye and Face Protection

January 2014: Collaborations with Other Agenciesl - With Montana LTAP Director Steve Jenkins: •Importance of Partnerships, Who Are the Partners, What Funding is Available, Discussion with Others about TSEP and other funding sources

December 2013: Winter Survival - With Montana LTAP Director Steve Jenkins: •Carbon Monoxide Fatalities – Stranded Automobile – what do you do? •Hypothermia – what it is and how to prevent it •Winter Survival Priorities: Fire – Shelter - Signal •Survival Kits

November 2013: Winter Maintenance - With Montana LTAP Director Steve Jenkins: •Salt and Abrasives  (sand) - When and where and how •Liquid Anti-Icers - How they work and when to use them •Snow Fencing - Cost saving mechanically removing drifted snow •Suggested Snow Plowing Policy - Consistency throughout your district •Training Snow Plow Drivers - Safety First

October 2013: Effective Public Relations - With Montana LTAP Director Steve Jenkins: •Importance of Communication •Public Notices or PSA’s •Problem Solving •Managing Expectations

September 2013: PASER Review - With Montana LTAP Director Steve Jenkins: •Road Condition Inventories and how they provide valuable data for requesting funding to improve county roads or city streets

August 2013: Working in the Heat - With Montana LTAP Director Steve Jenkins: •Wildland Fire Concerns
•Heat Exhaustion
•Heat Stroke
•Water and the human body

July 2013: Snakes and Ticks- With Montana LTAP Director Steve Jenkins: •Identification of Ticks
•Diseases Ticks Carry
•Removal of Attached Tick
•Disposal of Ticks
•Procedures if Bitten by Rattlesnake
•Sawyer Snake Bite Kit
•Avoiding Snake Bites

June 2013: Signs & MUTCD - With Montana LTAP Director Steve Jenkins
•Posting Signs in Urban vs Rural Settings
•Why post a bridge weight sign
•Uses of stop signs or yield signs; Low Voume Road signage; Railroad crossing signage

May 2013: Weed Mowing Safety - With Montana LTAP Director Steve Jenkins:
•Why do we mow?
•Importance of Safety Training
•Basics of Mowing Operation
•PPE – including Retroreflectivity Vest

April 2013: Temporary Traffic Control on Low Volume Roads - With Montana LTAP Field Engineer Bart Kraus:
Items discussed were:
•What is a low volume road
•The law is on your side
•MUTCD requirements
•TTC signage vs liability
•Keeping your flagging crew safe
•Upcoming OSHA Inspections on Work Zones pdf

March 2013: Back Safety Basics: This webinar covers basic safety for heavy equipment operators' back, especially Equipment Ingress/Egress. Here is a link to Montana LTAP's Safety Manual Template in case you do not have a safety manual for your department. This template will help you get started: MT LTAP Safety Manual Template

February 2013: Spread Sheets for Road Management:

. Excel Spread Sheets: SIM Tutorial, Blank SIM, PrePopulated SIM, Gravel County PASER Charts, Project Budget FEMA, PASER EXCEL

January 2013: Funding Road Projects (No Sound, but you can view the slides- technical error occurred.)

December 2012: Winter Maintenance

November 2012: Winter Survival 

October 2012: County Road Millings

September 2012: Gravel Roads - Materials

August 2012: Electrical Safety

June 2012: Summer Survival

April 2012: Work Zone

March 2012: Back Safety and Slips, Trips, Falls

February 2012: Materials

December 2011: Winter Survival

November 2011: Winter Maintenance