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Steven V. Jenkins, P.E.

Montana LTAP Video & DVD Library

A complete Video Library List and DVD Library List are available. You are welcome to request as many as five videotapes at one time. There is a waiting list for some videos so please return the videotapes after two weeks. For DVD checkout, you may request three at one time. As with the videos, DVDs need to be returned after two weeks.

If you are looking for some interesting safety video clips, please go to these websites:

Here's a Few Possible DVD's for Forklift Safety, Load Securement, and Mowing from our DVD Library:

DVD 163        Forklift Rigging Attachments (SC&RA 2004)
This video and workbook provide supplemental training concerning the use of a fork lift in rigging applications and the most common rigging attachments used to increase the versatility of the basic lift truck. This training is for an experienced lift truck operator who has basic knowledge of the fundamentals of lift truck operator skill. (15 minutes)

DVD 165        Forklift Safety – DVD (Coastal 2005)
This DVD outlines taking the time to practice safety forklift operating procedures to protect workers from painful injuries and financial loss. (17 minutes)
 [ Comment: 11/14/06: Good – informative & entertaining]

DVD 166        Forklift Basics – Safe from the Start (Coastal 2006)                                    
This program provides details on the powered industrial truck, from the way it's constructed to the way it works. It will help your operators understand the factors that affect forklift balance and maneuverability.
* Powered industrial trucks
* Design and controls
* Pre-use inspection
* Operator's manual
 (22 minutes)

DVD 167        Forklift Maneuvers – All the Right Moves (Coastal 2006)
This program reviews the most important forklift safety issues - from operating conditions to load manipulation. With this important information, your drivers will be equipped to operate safely and avoid accidents.
* OSHA training requirements
* Operating conditions, loads and stability
* Lifting people
* Hazardous operating conditions   (26 minutes)

DVD 177        Transport Trailer Safety (Vista 1995)
Addresses correct loading, tie-down, transport, and unloading of different types of heavy
equipment on all types of trailers including tag-alongs, detachable goose necks, beaver tail, and fixed neck lowboys.  Eighteen different types of equipment are addressed.  Other topics include knowing the trailer’s rated capacity; correct trailer placement prior to loading; snow, wet, muddy loading and unloading situations; dangers of loading track-type equipment; and chain types and restricted use of tie-down chain.  (24 minutes)
[Comment: 2/21/12 After watching the DVD we discuss it with the crew and ask for comments – good material.]
[Comment: 5/10/12 The DVD was great and up-to-date. The drivers really got into it - we paused and talked things out as we went.]

DVD 178        Flatbed Cargo Securement (JJKeller 2009)
This training will reinforce the importance of cargo securement to your drivers thorugh prevention of cargo damage and loss, and crashes and injuries due to shifting, falling or otherwise unsecured cargo. Illustrates dire consequences of failing to follow proper securement guidelines and mandated requirements. This training can help drivers reduce freight damage, prevent incidents and injuries, and quite possibly save a life. (23 mins)

DVD 195        Right-of-Way  Mowing Safety (VISTA 1996)
This video covers many aspects of daily pre-start inspection, knowing your equipment, and making sure it is in good working order.  There are many hidden hazards while mowing and this video looks at protecting yourself, others, and the equipment.  Safety precautions to take while operating the  mower are covered as well.  (25 minutes) (VHS EO146)

To order a video from the complete video list, or DVD from the complete DVD list call 800-541-6671 or e-mail Montana LTAP.