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Montana LTAP

Montana State University
PO Box 173910
Bozeman, MT  59717-3910

Physical Address:
2327 University Way, Room 230
Bozeman, MT  59715

Tel:  (406) 994-6100
Fax: (406) 994-5333


Steven V. Jenkins, P.E.

Montana LTAP Video & DVD Library

A complete Video Library List and DVD Library List are available. You are welcome to request as many as five videotapes at one time. There is a waiting list for some videos so please return the videotapes after two weeks. For DVD checkout, you may request three at one time. As with the videos, DVDs need to be returned after two weeks.

If you are looking for some interesting safety video clips, please go to these websites:

New DVDs (Fall 2013)

DVD 316: Spray Injection Patching, Best Practices (Ohio DOT 2012): The Ohio DOT reviews actual spray injection patching jobs on their roadways with the latest equipment (14 minutes)

DVD 317: Berming, Best Practices (Ohio DOT 2012)The Ohio DOT shows actual footage of the importance of maintaining the berm  on the paved roadway. (11 minutes)

DVD 980: Teen Roadway Safety Advocates ( NOYS Sept 2012): Teens perform roadway assessment for pedestrians at busy intersection with FHWA’s Joe Toole and others. (5 minutes)

To order a video from the complete video list, or DVD from the complete DVD list call 800-541-6671 or e-mail Montana LTAP.