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Steven V. Jenkins, P.E.

Montana LTAP Publications

Publications should be returned in two weeks as the library has a limited number of copies. If you find that two weeks is not enough time, contact LTAP and make arrangements for more time. Some publications are free of charge.

NEWS FLASH: Two New Dust Publications:

UNPAVED ROAD DUST MANAGEMENT, A Successful Practitioner’s Handbook

New publication additions are listed in each quarterly newsletter and below.

You can also access a publication immediately by clicking on the following link for Montana LTAP Publications List, upgraded on April 2014. There are "On-Line" url's for most of the publications to be accessed from the internet.

Montana LTAP Publications List 2014

New Publications (Summer 2014)

  • p-437: Forest Service – Considerations in Lowering Maintenance Standards of National Forest System Roads to Maintenance Level 2 (USFS August 2013)
    The focus of this guide is on the safety aspects and considerations of lowering maintenance level (ML) 3, 4 or 5 National Forest System roads (NFS) to ML2. (62 pages) Online:
  • p-652: Decision Analysis guide for Corrugated Metal Culvert Rehabilitation and Replacement Using Trenchless Technology (USFS December 2012)
    This publication will provide guidance in selecting which trenchless technologies may be advantageous for rehabilitating or replacing aging corrugated metal pipes based upon various observed conditions. 93 pages) Online:
  • p-887: Systemic Safety Project Selection Tool (FHWA July 2013)
    The Systemic Safety Project Selection Tool (Systemic Tool) provides supporting information for state transportation departments and local government agencies to incorporate a systemic planning component into their existing safety management programs. (87 pages) Online:
  • p-888:SHSP Evaluation Process Model (FHWA March 2013)
    This document provides an evaluation process model (EPM) that States can use to support a program evaluation of their Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). Program evaluation looks at the overall SHSP and helps States assess their SHSP’s process and performance. (64 pages)

Click here for the complete publication list that includes descriptions. If you are having difficulty opening these lists, please call 800-541-6671 or e-mail Montana LTAP.