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Industrial Engineering Seamless Masters Degree Program
Qualifying Application




The Industrial Engineering (IE) Seamless Masters degree program is intended to attract and retain academically qualify students who wish to obtain a MS degree ( in conjunction with their BS degree.  The Seamless Masters degree program is designed to allow qualified IE students to complete the MS degree requirements by extending their period of study one additional year past the traditional four-year period of undergraduate study. 

As shown in this example (click here), the seamless masters can be completed by integrating both graduate and undergraduate course requirements in the final two years of the combined period of study. This integration allows up to six credits of 400-level IE courses in the MS degree to also satisfy the credit requirements of the BS undergraduate degree.1


There are two steps to being accepted into the IE Seamless Masters Program:

STEP ONE – Review of qualifications to enter program.  In the first step, your academic qualification must be reviewed for entry into the IE Seamless Masters Program.  You should apply for this review in the first semester after passing 80 credits toward you BS degree in IE.

Complete this form (click here) and submit it to the M&IE office along with (a) two letters of recommendation from IE faculty that are aware of your academic capacity to complete this program; (b) an official copy of your most recent transcript; and (c) a cover letter explaining your goals for obtaining an MS. 

Once your qualifications have been reviewed, you will be invited to apply the MS degree program.

STEP TWO – Apply for MS graduate degree.  In this second step, you apply through the Graduate School to be admitted as a (provisional) MS degree graduate student in the IE program.  You submit your application (including items a, b, c from Step One) through the Graduate School website ( IN ADDITION, you must plan your proposed courses for completion of the BS and MS degree on this form and have it reviewed and approved by your intended MS supervisor (IE Graduate Program Coordinator). NOTE that you must apply to the GS in the first semester that you will have completed and registered for more than 120 credits toward your IE BS degree.



The following is a list of applicant requirements for entrance and compliance with the IE Seamless Masters Program:

  • Currently enrolled as an undergraduate IE major at MSU.
  • Good academic standing at the time of application to DGE, with minimum GPA of 3.25.
  • Completed a minimum of 80 credit hours towards the BS degree at the time of application to DGE.
  • A minimum of 12 credits of EIND courses remaining to complete the BS degree requirements at the time of acceptance by DGE.
  • Acceptance by DGE is completed before the start of the last semester in the BS degree.


Financial Awards

Undergraduate (UG) students approved for the seamless masters (Step One) can retain any Financial Aid Award (FA) granted to them for their UG degree.  Senior UG students taking 12 or more UG credits will have full tuition paid by FA for all courses including Graduate level courses (5xx).  Senior UG students taking less than 12 UG credits will have full tuition paid by FA only for the UG courses – resulting in a tuition charge for any Graduate level courses (5xx).  In order to retain the full FA amount for Federal loans, UG students must take > 6 UG credits in any semester. 

1 Students must meet all degree requirements for the BS IE degree and the MS IE degree. However, the BS degree requirements must be completed before or concurrently with completion of the MS degree.  A student who enters the program, but does not complete it in accordance with the simultaneous enrollment policies of the DGE will default the standard BS degree program and loses the ability to count EIND 400 level courses taken as a graduate towards any future MS degree in the IE Program at MSU.