MSU SAE team's car being judged in Fontana, California

Your gift to the Dean’s Leadership Fund might allow MSU’s Society of Automotive Engineers’ Formula race team to find a permanent place to build its car. While gearing up for its first competition, the team spent time and energy scrambling for a place to work. Having a dedicated work space might help them better their 28th place design competition finish from 2006. A stellar performance from such a new team could lead to more attention and job offers from industry scouts who regularly attend the event.

Kim Slack with students in Kenyan classroom
Photo courtesy Callie Blackwood

Your gift to the Dean’s Leadership Fund might allow Students for a Sustainable Future, MSU’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB), to send one more student to Kenya. In the past four years, EWB-MSU has installed six deep water wells, five composting latrines, and one biogas latrine. In December 2009, a group traveled to Khwisero to prepare for construction of a mile-long water distribution pipeline. If, during the early part of 2010, the community makes preparations for the pipeline, it might be laid in summer 2010. These plans represent a major step forward in terms of scale and complexity of installations in which EWB-MSU is involved.

students studying biofilms at the Center for Biofilm Engineering

Your gift to the EMPower Fund might allow us to make transition to a four-year college easier for Native American students. The Bridge program helps students adapt to a different cultural environment than the one to which they are accustomed.

Your gift to the Scholarship Fund might allow more students to reduce their work hours, increase their focus on school work, and perhaps join student organizations. Students who are able to pair their solid grasp of engineering fundamentals with leadership and professional skills gained at MSU have a competitive edge in landing coveted jobs with regional companies.

student working in Center for Biofilm Engineering lab
Photo by Stephen Hunts, MSU

Your gift to the Leading Technology Fund might allow the College to build a lab supporting more energy and bioremediation research. Students who find ways to clean up our environment could provide economic stability and improve the health of current and future generations.

Your gift to the Computing Power Fund might allow faculty and students to keep computerized labs on pace with industry. Both computer hardware and software can radically change in a short time. You can ensure that COE students and faculty will not fall behind by using outdated equipment and software.