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The National Academy of Engineering has identified 14 Grand Challenges of Engineering. Which ones would you like to work toward overcoming?

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Recent grads

Find out what some young alumni who were among the College of Engineering's first class of Engineering Ambassadors have done since graduating from Montana State University.

Alums who are established professionals

Learn about what some more established professionals, each an MSU College of Engineering alumnus, have done in their careers.

Women in Engineering at 3M share advice and stories (in PDF format, in a new window)

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To learn what different kinds of engineers do and what people are designing to improve people's lives, visit the eGFI website. This site has videos, advice for preparing to pursue a college degree in engineering, and meet engineering students.

Careers, Salaries, and other Statistics

Whether you are a student entering college or a student ready to graduate with an engineering degree, you might find it useful to

3 College of Engineering alums

Traits, Jobs, and Earnings

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Do you wonder if an engineering or computer science career best fits your personality?

Video Clips

Take a peek at the world of engineering through video clips by the National Society of Professional Engineers © 1997.

Engineers at Trek: Curiosity and tinkering led them to fun, rewarding careers
Make an impact on the world: Become an engineer

Industrial Engineers


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