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Montana State University
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Bozeman, MT 59717-3820

Tel: (406) 994-2272
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Location: 212 Roberts Hall

Acting Dean and Director:

Brett Gunnink

Meet the Engineering Ambassadors

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Chemical and Biological Engineering majors  

Chemical and Biological Engineering Ambassadors

from left:

Katie Kent, ChE; Stephanie Haag, ChE; Katie Wharthen, Bioengineering; Matt Sherick, ChE; Varsha Rao, ChE; Ben Solomon, ChE; Lucas Woods, ChE; Kilean Lucas, ChE; and Neerja Zambare, ChE

Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Technology majors  

Civil Engineering Ambassadors

from left: Bronwyn Rolph, CE; Katie Melby, and Yasmin Chaudhry, CE

not shown: Kelcie Nice, CE-bio-resources option

Computer Science majors  

Computer Science Ambassadors

from left: Lucas Benda and Emily Rohrbough


not shown: Jonathan Fast and Logan Warberg


Electrical and Computer Engineering majors


Electrical and Computer Engineering Ambassadors

from left: Monica Whitaker, CpE; Maggie McDonald, EE; Corey Schmidt, CpE; Brian Redman, EE; and Josh Creveling, EE




Industrial Engineering

not shown: Dhaval Bajaria and Brittani Nickol


Industrial Engineering majors


Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

from left: Sam Kuhlin, ME; Jake Spencer, MET; Levi Krutzfeldt, ME; Wyatt Holmes, ME; Andrew Bender, ME; and Brent Gilliam, IE