Chemical and Biological Engineering Department

Quinn Andrews   Amy Fox  Kathryn Pintar  Hannah Showers

Left to right: Quinn Andrews, ChE; Amy Fox, ChE; Kathryn Pintar, ChE; and Hanna Showers, ChE
Not shown:  Kendall Saboda, ChE

Civil Engineering Department

Matthew Campbell 

Above: Matthew Campbell, CE
Not shown: Sara Ashback, CE; and Audrey Stoltzfus, CE

Computer Science Department

Clint Cooper  Emily Rohrbough  Miles Sorlie  Megan Weller 

Left to right: Clint Cooper, Emily Rohrbough, Miles Sorlie, and Megan Weller
Not shown: Alex Calderwood

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Carol Baumbauer  Hendrick Haataja  Molly Tomlinson

Left to right: Carol Baumbauer, EE; Hendrick Haataja, EE; and Molly Tomlinson, CpE
Not shown:  Jonathan Dover, EE

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department

Alana Dettwiler  Andrew Bender  Jacob Senecal

Left to right, top to bottom: Alana Dettwiler, IMSE; Shelley Dworkin, ME; and Jacob Senecal, ME

Not shown: Zach Harvey, ME; Kai Newhouse, ME; and Cody Paseman, ME

Additional Information

Major Abbreviations: BioE-Bioengineering, CE-Civil Engineering, CET-Construction Engineering Technology, ChE-Chemical Engineering, CpE-Computer Engineering, CS-Computer Science, EE-Electrical Engineering, IE-Industrial Engineering, ME-Mechanical Engineering, and MET-Mechanical Engineering Technology