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Acting Dean and Director:

Brett Gunnink

Message from the Dean

Brett Gunnink, Acting Dean

Brett Gunnink, Acting Dean

Dear Alumni and Friends of the MSU College of Engineering:

What an extraordinary year for your College of Engineering. If you like to brag about your alma mater, this newsletter is full of great bragging points. I know that I enjoyed bragging a bit during the many celebratory events that occur during graduation week.

Student Accomplishments

In this newsletter, you can read about our Rhodes Scholar, Joe Thiel; our Marshall Scholar, Bryan Vadheim; our Udall Scholar, Blake Bjornson; and our Goldwater Scholars, Alissa Bleem, Brian Redman, and Matt Sherick. And this is just a partial list of extraordinary student accomplishments.

Faculty and Staff Accomplishments

You can also read about faculty and staff accomplishments in the articles about Steve Albert’s CUTC/ARTBA award, Hashem Nehrir’s selection as an IEEE life fellow, and Paul Gannon’s book, “Introduction to Energy, Environment, and Sustainability.”

Dean Robert Marley's New Role

You will also learn that Dean Robert Marley has been appointed as MSU’s interim vice president for student success. Robert is returning to MSU from a year at Texas A&M University as an ACE fellow.

We in the College of Engineering are excited to both have Robert back and to support him in his new role. This means that I will be continuing as Dean of the College of Engineering for another year, a year that holds great promise for continuing and even greater accomplishments.

Let us know if you are in Bozeman

If your travels bring you to Bozeman, please let us know; I would be very pleased to meet you and show you around your College of Engineering.


Brett Gunnink

Brett Gunnink, Acting Dean