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Message from the Dean

Robert J. Marley, Dean

Robert J. Marley, Dean

Collaborating to Address Complex Challenges

As our global society encounters complex challenges, such as providing access to clean water, securing cyberspace, and advancing the interface of medicine and engineering, it becomes increasingly important to work together and learn from each other.

Here in the COE, we seek to prepare students for such challenges by giving them opportunities to work in multidisciplinary teams on real-world problems. Our extraordinary students and faculty have taken this idea and run with it. Many have set their sights on really big, long-term goals. Below are some examples of recent accomplishments.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders at Montana State University has committed to helping Kenyans bring clean water and improved sanitation to its 58 primary schools in the district of Khwisero. Since 2007, EWB-MSU and its community partners have installed seven deep water wells, six composting latrines, one biogas latrine and a mile-long water distribution pipeline.

Montana State University was named the winner of the C. Peter Magrath University Community Engagement Award by the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities because of the positive impacts that the students’ work has had in Kenya and in Montana. This is the most prestigious award given annually by APLU to any public university.

Designing Our Community

Designing Our Community (DOC), a program aimed at recruiting and retaining Native American students for the College of Engineering at Montana State University, was recently honored by the College Board as a regional winner for the CollegeKeys Compact Innovation Awards.

DOC’s efforts align with the College Board's goal of helping underserved students enter and graduate college.

Satellite continues orbiting Earth

It took 125 students approximately five years to build an MSU satellite that continues to orbit Earth after being launched on October 28, 2011. The time and effort paid off. NASA selected MSU to design and build another satellite, which will launch in the near future.

American Council on Education Fellowship

On a personal note, I will set my sights next year on some major, long-term goals that MSU leadership wishes to pursue. I am honored to have been selected as one of 57 American Council on Education Fellows for the 2012-13 academic year.

I was nominated for the Fellowship by MSU Provost Martha Potvin and look forward to the benefits that my working closely with the president of another university will bring to MSU and the COE. I will share more about this experience in the future.

In summary, the 2011-12 academic school year is rapidly drawing to a close, but it has been an exciting one. We have seen another year of tremendous growth that has created both challenges and opportunities.

Our new University leadership in President Waded Cruzado and Provost Martha Potvin have committed to supporting the College of Engineering, which has resulted in our ability to hire critical new faculty.

I hope that you enjoy reading about exciting student and faculty projects in this newsletter and, as always, I welcome your questions and feedback.


Robert Marley, Dean