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MSU and Montana Communities Sustain Each Other

Montana State University and Montana communities energize and sustain each other. We rely upon each other to succeed, and the more we support each other, the more enriched our lives become.

Enrichment on Personal- and Statewide-Level

The headlines in this issue reflect how our students and faculty participate in, and often lead, efforts to improve the lives of others. You’ll find that most of the news stories include quotes from the people featured saying that by helping others, they reap benefits themselves.

The news stories provide narratives of enrichment on a personal level. On the other hand, the Economic Impact Report contains the data, evidence of the real and substantial benefits to Montanans. The numbers illustrate the statewide impact, but they also show how each MSU campus — Bozeman, Billings, Havre and Great Falls — contributes to the positive effects of the connection between the university and our broader community.

Analysts who prepared the Economic Impact Report were unable to measure the economic impact of MSU Extension, a highly visible way in which the university’s four campuses work alongside their neighbors. Despite this, the report states that MSU provides 13,511 Montana jobs, more than $1 billion in personal income, and $253 million in state tax revenue. The tax revenue amounts to a return of $2.60 for every $1 of tax support.  The report states that MSU in Bozeman returned more than three times what it received from the state.

Alum Working on Global Water Issues

In our Alumni Spotlight, you can read about a 2010 industrial engineering alumna who has already traveled to Kenya and Israel to work on clean water projects and aspires to help even more people as a Rhodes Scholar.

Faculty Recognized for Excellence in Teaching, Outreach and Research

Because of their dedication to teaching and research, six College of Engineering faculty members received awards during MSU’s first spring convocation. Thanks to another faculty member’s willingness to teach outside the box, her students helped an adult with disabilities, a Reach client, expand his independence. The students solved problems on a tight budget by applying engineering principles.

Donors Sustain the COE

I’m pleased that this issue includes the COE’s Honor Roll of Donors, our recognition of those of you who support the COE financially. We could not report the successes I mentioned above if it were not for your generosity and willingness to energize and sustain our students, faculty and staff.

If you have any thoughts about the COE’s role in sustaining our community, please contact me. As always, if you are in Bozeman, please stop by for a visit if you have time.

Robert J. Marley, Dean
Robert J. Marley, Dean