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Moving Forward Under President Cruzado's Leadership

Since I last addressed you, President Geoff Gamble has retired and President Waded Cruzado has assumed leadership of Montana State University as our twelfth president.

Although she has not been here for long, President Cruzado quickly became a Bobcat. Here in Bozeman, she has attended athletic events, the International Food Bazaar, listening sessions with each college, and countless other events.

President Cruzado's actions demonstrate her stated commitment to leading a unified campus -- Bozeman, Billings, Great Falls, and Havre -- and to serving the entire state. Although she didn't start her new job until January 4, by the end of February she had already visited Billings, Great Falls, Missoula, Kalispell and Havre. Each town was a stop on her Learning and Listening Tour, and many other towns are slated for future legs of her statewide tour.

Robert J. Marley, Dean
Robert J. Marley, Dean

President Cruzado also spent a good share of the morning of March 1st with the College of Engineering's Advisory Council on the first day of their annual meeting in Bozeman. President Cruzado started what I hope will be an ongoing conversation.

If you want to read messages from President Cruzado, please visit the website for the Office of the President (in a new window).


President Waded Cruzado speaks with students, faculty and staff during a listening session with the College of Engineering.
President Cruzado speaks with COE students, faculty and staff.

Expanding Our Reach and Service

In addition to making a commitment to a unified campus, President Cruzado has two other major priorities: (1) providing more distance learning opportunities to people who need flexibility and (2) increasing the number of students whom we retain through graduation.

Because some of our faculty members have already collaborated with colleagues elsewhere to better serve students, and we constantly strive to provide what students need to become tomorrow's leaders, I'm convinced that the COE will play a vital role in helping President Cruzado succeed in her efforts.

Flexibility and Collaboration

Recent headlines about the state of Montana's economy reflect the ups and downs that we face nationally and globally. It's as if we're driving through a neighborhood with mature trees that produce patchy areas of deep shade and dappled sunlight. Daylight is there, but the feeling of warm sunlight on our faces can be fleeting and hard to predict.

Because we expect to face continuing patchiness in economic recovery, I see our drive to provide flexible learning options and our eagerness to collaborate as traits that will serve the College of Engineering well. After all, these are traits that we instill in our graduates. Actions speak louder than words, and we should demonstrate that we are willing to lead by example.

If you have any ideas about how we can capitalize on new opportunities, please contact me. Share your opinions about this message or anything else that’s on your mind.