Underwater Navigation System
AUVSI Sub Support Team
Chris Scherr (EE)        Gavin Lommatsch (EE)        Sam Hooson (EE)        Dr. Todd Kaiser (advisor)

    IMU - TI SensorTag
    IMU - Sparton GEDC-6
    Sensor Calibrations
    Euler Angles
    Body Frame to Navigation Frame

Kalman Filter
     Data Acquisition


Mission Statement

“In order for the underwater robot team and other autonomous vehicle projects to move to the next level, a system to monitor attitude and position is required. Past teams have incorporated a complete Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for navigational purposes into the design, but have not fully utilized its capabilities to monitor or control positions. Our design team will take the outputs from 3-axis accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, and pressure sensors, and optimally fuse them together to produce an output of three dimensional position and orientation that can be visualized on a computer screen and used to control a submarine, land vehicle, or airborne platform.”

Overall Navigation Design Archeticture

Navigation system archeticture