Core Globalstar Simplex Antenna Research and Design

EELE  Electrical Engineering Design 



Project Members
Ismail Alrajab:

Ismail is a senior in Electrical Engineering. He is from Saudi Arabia. He finished his English program in 2009 in Edmond,OK. Then, he started at MSU in fall 2010.

Esten Scanson:

Esten is a Senior in Electrical Engineering from Billings, MT. He has a wide range of interests outside the classroom, including hunting and fishing, playing sports, and playing video games. He is also interested in mechanical engineering and how it can work in tandem with electrical engineering. 

Corey Schmidt:

Corey is a Senior in Computer Engineering from Billings, MT and is also pursuing a minor in electrical engineering. While his interest lies in computers, he is also very interested in Telecommunications.



Andy Olson

Course Instructor

Dr. Wataru Nakagawa

Dr. Hongwei Gao