Trip to Uncle Bud’s Hut near Leadville, Colorado

March 14-16, 2006

(Photos by Jeff Barish and Larry Borish)



Near the trailhead (Larry Borish and Rob Maher)



Lunch break during sunny ski-in.


Full moon setting in the west.

View of hut during snowstorm on the second day.


Galena Mountain, just to the west of Uncle Bud’s Hut.



Soporific surroundings…


Searching for and finding the snow covered Colorado Trail during the snowstorm on day 2.


Route finding (Larry Borish and Rob Maher.


Lunch break (Jeffrey Barish)


Mount Elbert (highest peak in Colorado, 14,433ft) with morning alpenglow


Mount Massive (14,420ft) with morning alpenglow


Getting ready to depart the hut:  Jeff Barish, Ph.D., Larry Borish, M.D., Rob Maher, Ph.D.


Sunny 3rd day outside the hut (Rob Maher, Jeff Barish,)


Maher cutting some powder, with fresh snow on Mt. Elbert in the background.