2007 Ed Anacker Bridger Ridge Run

August 11, 2007

GPS track recorded by forward "sweep" crew (Hayes, Wigley, Maher):  Google Earth .kml file or .gpx file

2005 Ed Anacker Bridger Ridge Run

August 13, 2005

Mt. Baldy Aid Station (lat 45.755N, long 110.953W, el 8680')

(click image for larger version)

Photos:  Bob Kincaid

↓ Sunrise from the knob

↓ Hmmm, will it be this nice on the summit?

↓ Valley view

↓ Ice-covered trees

↓ Winter in August

↓ Valley view just below the cloud level

↓ View south toward the trailhead

↓ ...not so bad below the clouds...

Photos:  Rick Hartman

↓ August in the Bridgers...

↓ High visibility conditions (?)

↓ Icy flagpole

↓ 'Bald'-y volunteers (Steve, Jay, Margaret, Rob)

↓ Shelter from the storm (Carl, Sarah, Dan, Rob, Bob)

↓ A ridge runner sporting a 'retro' outfit

Photos:  Rob Maher

↓ Early afternoon:  could that be sunshine?

↓ Water, Gatorade, Hammer Gel, Fig Newtons...dill pickles and olives?

↓ Shelter from the wind:  check-off those runners!

↓ A windy, foggy day.