Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Montana State University

EELE 394:  Multidisciplinary Seminars

Fall Semester 2015
Section 1 (CRN 21227 )

    Prof. Robert C. Maher
610 Cobleigh Hall, 994-7759,

Course Description

MSU Catalog
This course offers students an opportunity to broaden their horizons in technical and non-technical fields outside their own discipline. Students attend a variety of seminars from departments across campus. The majority of these must be outside their home department with a maximum of four from any one department. To provide a writing/communications component, students will submit a memo report describing each seminar attended. Types of presentations that could be used to satisfy the requirements of this course include formal presentations on- or off-campus, research colloquia, thesis defenses, etc.

ECE students may count one credit of EELE 394 as a professional elective.

Course Requirements:


Report Requirements:


Passing the course will be based on timely submission of 12 high-quality memo reports for approved seminars. Any memos submitted later than three school days after the presentation will NOT receive credit.