Named one of the best towns in America by Outdoor Magazine, USA Today, Forbes, and more, Bozeman is an epicenter of innovation.

Quoted as the Adventure Capital of the Northern Rockies and one of the top 25 ski towns in the world by National Geographic, Bozeman is one the the funnest places to be, especially if you love the outdoors. Surrounded by majestic mountains, bountiful rivers, ski resorts and national forest, there is no end to the stuff you can do here... and that's just talking about the landscape! Even if you're not the outdoors-type, Bozeman is a place where culture thrives. There's a festival practically every other week, live bands always playing at one of the numerous venues, and enough multi-cultural shops and restaurants to suit anybody's taste. Scroll down to check out some of the attractions.


There are three ski resorts within an hours' drive from Bozeman- some as close as 15 miles!
Whether you're a novice or competitor there's a slope here for you. Check out some links to local resorts and a larger map of where they are:

Mountain Biking and Hiking

The terrain around Bozeman was made for avid mountain bikers and hikers. There are literally books about biking around Bozeman!
The people here love their bikes, so even the town is riddled with extensive trails- some of which go all the way to the mountains!

Floating and Fishing

No lack for water here! Some of the best fishing in the world is in this area.
Whether you grab an innertube, a kayak, canoe, or white-water raft, there's a place for it here.

Rock and Ice Climbing

People have been climbing stuff around here since the dawn of man, so it's gotten pretty hardcore. There's rock-climbing walls all over the place. Bozeman is one of the best places in the lower 48 states to climb stuff, so people from all over the world come to test their skills here. They're even planning on building a World Cup-caliber ice climbing structure to serve as a national training facility and international competition venue!

Always something goin' on

As a university town and adventure hotspot, there is no end to the events happening here: art festivals, film festivals, music festivals, festivals for pets, the Sweet Pea festival, and festivals for every activity mentioned on this page! And despite being such a party town, Bozeman also happens to be one of the safest and healthiest communities in the U.S.!