This field of research includes a variety of areas, ranging audio engineering and acoustics, auditory and visual neurosciences, to system identification and controls. Dr. Robert Maher's research interests encompass environmental sound monitoring, digital audio signal processing, and audio forensic analysis. Dr. Neda Nategh works in statistical signal processing with applications to image processing, computer vision, and computational neuroscience. Dr. Ross Snider researches how the brain processes simultaneously-occurring auditory signals. Dr. Steven Shaw's research includes the design of control systems and methods for a wide variety of engineering applications.


Dr. Robert Maher, Professor and Department Head, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois-Urbana
Areas of expertise: Digital Signal Processing, Audio Engineering, and Acoustics
610 Cobleigh Hall, +1 406-994-2505

Dr. Neda Nategh, Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
Areas of expertise: Statistical signal processing; image processing and computer vision; statistical learning and machine learning; computational neuroscience and vision science
637 Cobleigh Hall, +1 406-994-5971

Dr. Ross Snider, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Vanderbilt University
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
Areas of expertise: Signal Processing, Speech Recognition, Real-Time Systems, Auditory and Visual Neuroscience
538 Cobleigh Hall, +1 406-994-1645

Dr. Steven Shaw, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Areas of expertise: Fuel Cells, Signals and Systems
532 Cobleigh Hall, +1 406-994-5982