The topics of research range from alternative energy sources, such as wind, photovoltaics, fuel cells, and microturbines, to motors and power electronics. Dr. M Hashem Nehrir's research focuses on alternative energy source development and application, such as smart and microgrid technology, and the modeling and application of power distribution system enhancement designs for residential use. Dr. Hongwei Gao focuses on motor design, including for electric and hybrid vehicles, and power electronics. Dr. Steven Shaw's research involves employing fuel cell technology for a variety of applications.


Dr. M Hashem Nehrir, Professor, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Oregon State University
Areas of expertise: Electric Power Systems, Alternative Energy (Fuel Cell, Photovoltaic, Microturbine, Wind) Power Generation, Distributed Generation
626 Cobleigh Hall, +1 406-994-4980

Dr. Hongwei Gao, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Texas A&M University
Areas of expertise: Electric Motor Drive, Power Electronics, Electric Vehicle, Renewable Energy
635 Cobleigh Hall, +1 406-994-5973

Dr. Steven Shaw, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Areas of expertise: Fuel Cells, Signals and Systems
532 Cobleigh Hall, +1 406-994-5982