Faculty & staff photo update

Please look at your pictures and let me know if there are ones you particularly like or dislike. It's always a big experiment
to get the exposure correct as the outdoor lighting changes, not to mention getting the other details correct. So feel free
to let me know if you'd like to try something different. Also keep in mind that these all can be cropped and otherwise
electronically adjusted. Each link takes you to a thumbnail browser page (contact me for the full-resolution pictures).

Allison Banfield     Jim Becker       Fred Cady    Nancy Carrasco    David Dickensheets     Hongwei Gao     Victor Gerez   Bob Gunderson   

Muriel Holmquist    Yikun Huang     Todd Kaiser     Brock LaMeres    Randy Larimer     Rob Maher     May Myers    Bruce McLeod    

Wataru Nakagawa    Hashem Nehrir    Pearl Nixon      Andy Olson     Brent Olson     Jim Peterson     Kevin Repasky     Tia Sharpe    

Joe Shaw     Steve Shaw     Ross Snider     Don Thelen     Richard Wolff