People of the Optical Remote Sensor Laboratory
Electrical & Computer Engineering Department
Montana State University - Bozeman

Dr. Joseph Shaw Professor, ECE

Paul Nugent
Mike Roddewig
Laura Dahl
Martin Tauc
Dave Riesland
Aaron Reynolds
Wyatt Holmes
Nick Lapp
Chad Whiteley
Nels Tate
Addie Melvin

PhD student & Res. Engr
Ph.D. student
Ph.D. student
M.S./Ph.D. student
M.S. student, Optics
B.S. student, ECE
B.S. student, ME
B.S. student, ECE
B.S. student, ECE
B.S. student, ECE
B.S. student, Chem Eng


MSU Collaborators
Dr. Wataru Nakagawa
Dr. David Dickensheets
Dr. Ross Snider
Dr. Kevin Repasky
Dr. John Carlsten
Dr. Charles Kankelborg
Dr. Rick Lawrence  
Dr. Randy Babbitt   

ECE Dept.
ECE Dept.
ECE Dept.
ECE Dept.
Physics Dept.
Physics Dept.
Land Resources & Env. Sci.
Physics Dept. & Spectrum Lab


    Jennifer Johnson, M.S. 2012
    Michael Hintzman, M.S. 2011
    Michael Thomas, M.S. 2011
    Justin Hogan, M.S. 2011
    Andrew Dahlberg, M.S. 2010
    Nathan Greenfield, M.S. 2009
    Trenton Berg, M.S. 2009
    Joshua Rouse, M.S. 2008
    Kristie Simpson, M.S. 2008
    Paul Nugent, M.S. 2008
    Mike Obland, Ph.D. 2007
    Nathan Pust, Ph.D. 2007
    George Hunyadi III, M.S. 2006
    Ryan Scheppele, M.S. 2006
    Nathan Seldomridge, M.S. 2005
    Brentha Thurairajah  M.S. 2004
....and more than 40 awesome undergraduates!...

Inquiries are welcomed from interested undergraduate students, graduate students, and potential collaborators.

                 Dr. Joseph A. Shaw
Optical Remote Sensor Laboratory
411 Cobleigh Hall
Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana 59717
email Dr. Shaw
office: 406-994-7261
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